Knoise Knation Apparel Release May 1st, 2016

Knoise Knation is officially rolling out the first batch of apparel, Knoise Knation Wear. In this launch, you will see many new items such as hats, shirts, bags, accessories, and even shoes. They will be officially releasing the clothing on May 1st, 2016 in participating stores near you. Prices will range from $59.99 to $399.99 depending on what you purchase. To view the products that will be rolled out in this first launch, please visit their official website here.

Knoise Knation has had their foot in the entertainment industry for a couple of years now and are very excited to open up their first apparel section. They have been working hard on this for a couple of months now and are looking forward to seeing how their fans will react to the new style. Their apparel is definitely a different style than anyone has ever seen before. Each piece of apparel is completely customizable from color to design. They will be giving customers the opportunity to show off their creative side wherever they go. They will be taking orders as soon as they launch. They have prepared their platforms for high traffic and expect to begin shipping as soon as the next day.

Knoise Knation Wear has also decided to take the same approach as Kanye West and roll out their clothing by seasons. This first round, they are calling "One Knation Under Knoise: Season One." There will be a new release every year. Once this first season comes to an end, the clothing sold from it will be special edition because it will not be available anywhere. With this tactic, Knoise Knation hopes to bring value to their clothing even after it is "out of style." This tactic will also help them update their style and will give them the opportunity to start new trends.

About Knoise Knation

Knoise Knation was founded by Monica Mercedes, also known as Princess Knoise, and Hector Heredia, also known as Tito Knoise, in 2013. The company began providing quality services like photography, videography, recording engineering, styling and makeup for up and coming artists who do not have the big budget that other established artists do but still wanted good quality work. They wanted to help those creative who wanted to show their work to the world but did not want to spend their life savings on the productions. The foundation of the company has always been to help those who are not fortunate enough to have investors yet. They then decided to branch out into different industries such as sports and clothing. They opened their first baseball training camp in 2015 and focused on training high school seniors who want to one day be in the big leagues. They have helped the community they began in and have expanded all over the United States bringing their services to creative people all over the country.

With the launch of Knoise Knation wear, they want to give creative the opportunity to create what they wear. This is a whole other way creative could showcase their work. They want to be able to provide a platform for creative to be able to stand out with their clothing like they do with their work. As we all know, customizing clothing can be extremely expensive and if one does not have the big budget like most big artists, it is not always the easiest thing to get. In the times we are today, everyone wants to stand out and be noticed. We all know how important style is in the entertainment industry. Knoise Knation wants to give their customers something that is worth their money and with providing an affordable way to create custom clothing, they give their customers something that not only will make them stand out, but will also be extremely special because they created it!

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